9 Benefits of a Coworking Space: The trend of coworking space has been significantly growing over the past decade, but why? According to Statista reports, the number of coworking spaces will continue to grow daily and by 2025, the number of coworking spaces is expected to reach nearly 26,000. There are so many reasons why coworking spaces are great investments for entrepreneurs and small businesses! Here are some of the main coworking benefits.

#1. Coworking Space is a Cost-Saving Investment

Many entrepreneurs don’t have enough money to invest in their own office space and many big businesses are downsizing to cut unnecessary costs.

However, many entrepreneurs and businesses want to keep a professional environment, which makes coworking space a perfect fit! Whether you need a space to work, want to meet with a client, host a meeting, or just want to have a base for business, you can find an affordable solution in a coworking space.

It solves the troubles and costs of finding, renting, and furnishing an office. With Cowork Brighton or other coworking spaces, you have what you need already provided for you!

It also is a great solution to get out of the house and immerse yourself in the real world!

#2. Find Meaning in Work

It has been found that a person’s work identity and work ethic becomes stronger when around people doing all types and kinds of work. Working from home or in a ‘big business’ traditional office space can feel unexciting and create a lack of motivation. Coworking spaces are created to have a sense of community, collaboration, learning, and sustainability.

#3. Perks With Space

Coworking spaces are not only an amazing place to work, but many (including Cowork Brighton) offer member perks! Many of the perks include food services, conference rooms, events, free coffee, and many more amenities. Some of those perks at Cowork Brighton include:

  • Small Meeting Room
  • Full Kitchen
  • Free Coffee
  • Discounts to Downtown Restaurants
  • Delivery and Mail Sorting
  • Free Member Events
  • and more!

#4. More Job Control & Flexibility

Let’s say today you want to work during the day today and tomorrow during the night. At a coworking space, you enjoy this exact flexibility. As a member and professional, you get to decide when and where you work. Memberships are month to month, so you decide how long you need. You also get to decide what type of space you want depending on your budget and needs!

#5. More Community, Less Isolation

Trust us when we say we know how lonely it gets when working from home! It can create a huge sense of isolation. Coworking spaces end this feeling of isolation and disconnection. As a member, you get to work alongside an entire room of other coworkers and you chose when and how to interact with them.

#6. Networking Opportunities

Having a shared space creates a sense of community and helps you network! Plus, you get to surround yourself with goal-oriented and high-achieving professionals. Having so many professionals in one room means your networking opportunities are endless. You never know who you will meet to help you move your business forward.

#7. Central Location For Clients

Meetings with clients or coworkers is stress-free at Cowork Brighton! Being in downtown Brighton and near the expressway, our workspace is accessible from many of the surrounding areas. After your meeting, go out to eat at one of the many amazing downtown restaurants!

#8. Increase In Productivity

If you are the type who loves to sleep in or has trouble focusing at home, coworking is for you! The social atmosphere of a coworking environment encourages you to wake up in the morning and get to work. Coworking can increase productivity by decreasing at-home distractions and being surrounded by committed professionals each day is a great motivator.

#9. Coworking Space = Happiness!

With coworking spaces, you get to surround yourself with motivated and enthusiastic professionals like yourself. You have the opportunity to not only socialize and network, but you get to enjoy all of the amenities and work the way you live. Come check out how happy you can be HERE!