Jennifer is one of three co-owners of Brighton’s newest flex office space.

Meet the Cowork Brighton Team: Jennifer grew up in Livonia, MI, and moved to Brighton with her husband, Clark, in 2014. Since then, they have had three children, Arianna, Owen & David.

Jennifer graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s in Communicative Sciences & Disorders and Wayne State University with a master’s degree in Speech Langauge Pathology. In 2014, she began an online business for fellow speech-language pathologists where they could access therapy materials to use with their students. In 2018, Jennifer left her “real” job and went full-time on her online business. Since then, she has grown her online business significantly and has fallen in love with being an entrepreneur.

Even though, she loved working on her online business, working from home full time was lonely and monotonous. So she began searching for coworking spaces in Brighton. At the time, there weren’t any spaces, so she moved into a small individual office in downtown Brighton.

After 2 years of working right downtown, she, her husband and her sister decided to open Cowork Brighton! They believed that everyone working from home should have the opportunity to have a space where they could go to collaborate, focus and enjoy all of the downtown Brighton amenities. Her goal as one of the owners is to help other business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She is so excited to meet everyone and continue to work in downtown Brighton!

Meet the other Cowork Brighton team members: Clark Bradley & Marianne Grima

About Cowork Brighton: 

Cowork Brighton strives to be a community hub in the heart of downtown for entrepreneurs & professionals. Our mission is to connect community members with local businesses. We also serve as an informal incubator for solo/small business entrepreneurs to build & grow.

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