Cowork Brighton is thrilled to partner with Wayne Media Group

Your media company should be creative, communicative, and consultative. At Wayne Media, we are more than marketing.

Wayne Media Group was founded by Rob Johnson in 2018. In addition, it serves local communities in social media, content creation, videography, photography, copywriting, and web design. In 2020, Wayne Media ventured into the podcasting space with the creation of Speakeasy Podcast Network, a brand of Wayne Media that helps businesses and hobbyists create podcasts within the Speakeasy’s state of the art podcast studio.

Multiple Locations

With locations in Brighton, Michigan, Louisville, Kentucky, and Detroit, Michigan, Wayne Media and Speakeasy are on the path to become the largest producer of podcasts and social media content in the midwest. Also, you can learn more about Wayne Media at and find detailed pricing guides to help your business make a good decision on your marketing and podcasting needs.

Lynn is building an amazing community for both actors and theatre lovers. AWT provides professional hands-on training and theatre experience for actors and brings culture and art to Livingston County.

Building Community

Cowork Brighton has had the pleasure to work with Rob Johnson and Wayne Media. Rob was our keynote speaker at our Brighton Professionals & Entrepreneurs event in March 2022. Rob shared best practices & strategies related to social media for business owners. Plus, we have also had the opportunity to record several podcasts at their Brighton location. Their equipment and setup is top notch!

What Wayne Media Stands For:

  1. Never outsource: all of our work is done in-house.

  2. Employees first: we put our employees first so they will put the clients first

  3. Extreme ownership: we exercise extreme ownership in all that we do; if there’s a mistake we own it and fix it.

  4. Do unto others: we treat everyone how we want to be treated (Luke 6:31).

  5. Family over business: we know that our work at Wayne Media is not the most important work in our lives.

We love these business principles that Wayne Media stands for in their business!

Wayne Media Group

Wayne Media Group

Speakeasy Recording Room

Members of  Cowork Brighton are eligible to receive 10% off the first 3 months of service and 10% off all project work (videos and websites).

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